Python Libraries

List of libraries:


Progress bar for any iterations. PyPi

import time
from tqdm import tqdm

for i in tqdm(range(10)):


An easy python interface to the system clipboard. Pypi

import pyperclip as clip

# copy string to buffer
clip.copy("Some text")

# copy text from buffer
data = clip.paste()

Note: you may also try pyclip-copycat


Brings notification to your shell. PyPi Docs

$ ntfy send message
$ ntfy send 'test long message'
# send message after command completion
$ ntfy send sleep 10
$ ntfy send cat some.txt

Cand be replaced by ubuntu notify-send

$ notify-send <title> <message>


Sultan is a Python package for interfacing with command-line utilities, like yum, apt-get, or ls, in a Pythonic manner. Git

from sultan.api import Sultan
s = Sultan()
s.sudo("yum install -y tree").run()

in one line

  • youtag - Your Own Task Queue for Python
  • tenacity - Retrying library for Python
  • cupy - numpy like CUDA lib
  • airspeed velocity - is a tool for benchmarking Python packages over their lifetime
  • dill - updated pickle library
  • grpclib - async python implementation for the gRPC protocol
  • pandas profiling
  • PyContracts - allows to declare constraints on function parameters and return values.
  • ciruela - A peer-to-peer synchronization software for servers in datacenters(Rust).